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Bromelain: Nature's Answer for Heart Health

A non-toxic alternative to aspirin therapy

You see them everywhere: those ads telling you that you need their aspirin every day to prevent a heart attack, and more ads telling you that aspirin alone just might not be enough to keep you from having a heart attack.  From purely emotional appeals set in family gatherings to stupid diagrams of platelets glumping up in a blood vessels, you can't get away from the supposed imperative to add toxins to your daily life.

Well, there is an alternative.

Bromelain: a safe and effective alternative to aspirin — and more

Despite the fact that routine aspirin use causes at least 13,000 deaths each year from sudden bleeding, that it's implicated in causing some of the 31,000 deaths each year from pancreatic cancer, and that for as many as 40% of those who use it for its purported ability to reduce the risk of heart attacks and stroke are actually more susceptible to these adverse events with aspirin than without it, many people are afraid not to take aspirin.

Add Plavix to the mix, and you have an even more toxic situation — a situation that increases the toxic overload of the liver, leading to all sorts of problems, as well as to inflammation throughout the system, which is implicated as a primary factor in heart attacks and stroke.

Clearly, an alternative is needed.

What bromelain is, and how it works

Bromelain is a proteolytic (protein-digesting) enzyme found in pineapples.  It has been demonstrated to provide aspirin-like benefits without the risk of sudden death from bleeding, cancer or other health problems associated with aspirin.

Live blood studies have shown that bromelain has the ability to decrease the stickiness of blood cells, to reduce their glumpiness and improve their motility resulting in better blood flow.  It has also been shown to improve the ability of blood cells to digest and eliminate foreign or damaged proteins from the blood stream, helping to reduce the inflammation linked with many chronic diseases — including heart disease and cancer.

Studies have demonstrated that bromelain can lower your blood pressure and improve the efficiency of your heart.  It's also helpful in the prevention and treatment of cancer.

Besides its ability to reduce inflammation, caused by foreign proteins in the blood stream, bromelain also inhibits the formation of the prostaglandins responsible for inflammation, while promoting the formation of anti-inflammatory prostaglandins.  (By contrast, aspirin inhibits the formation of all prostaglandins.)

Bromelain has been successfully used to treat everything from indigestion to heart disease, chronic sinusitis to the inhibition of appetite and the breakdown of body fat.  It's also very helpful for bruising.

Although a few people are allergic to bromelain (if you can't eat pineapple, it's probably not right for you — at least in higher doses), it is a very safe, non-toxic substance.

It, along with other digestive and systemic enzymes, have tremendous healing potential that is all but untapped in this pharmaceutical age.  It's time we break free and take charge of our health.


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