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Vaccination: The Hidden Truth

A shocking documentary that will convince you to stay away from vaccines for good

Source: Vaccination: The Hidden Truth by Bronwyn Hancoc.

This article is based on only the first half of the 90-minute video.  I can't find the second half. 

Babies are injected with bits of animal, bacterial and viral DNA.  They can be incorporated into the human genome.  The human DNA structure is changed — or can be changed.

We are seeing increasing incidences of behavioral abnormalities, increasing sociopathic behavior, increasing crime rates, increasing learning difficulties, attention deficit behavior … due to low grade brain inflammation, caused by vaccines.


  • Dr Isaac Golden (homeopath)
  • Dr Viera Scheibner, PhD
  • Dr Robyn Cosford
  • Pauline Rose, independent nurse practitioner
  • Dr David Ritchie
  • Dr Archie Kalokerinos
  • Dr Mark Donohue
  • Dr Peter Baratosy


When the truth comes out, we see that doctors are among the least vaccinated people in our population.


Can vaccination be shown to have really saved lives?

The claim that vaccination eliminated most deaths from whooping cough in the US is clearly false.  There had been a very dramatic decline (of about 80%) in deaths for several years before the introduction of the vaccine.  The vaccine, in fact, seems to have actually slowed somewhat the rate of decline.

The death rate from all infectious diseases had fallen by 90% before any vaccines had been introduced.  And, the introduction of the vaccine did not accelerate the decline in death rates.  Analysis of outbreaks, since vaccination was introduced, does not show that the vaccinated are any more protected against infections that the unvaccinated.  Therefore, there had to be other causes for the dramatic fall in the mortality from infectious diseases.

But no; advocates of vaccination have another answer.  They speak of something called "herd immunity".  Their definition of the term, which is quite different than what the term originally meant, is that at least 95% of the herd must be vaccinated in order to prevent an outbreak.  But, does this work in practice?

No.  Epidemics among vaccinated populations are the rule, rather than the exception.

Vaccinations and the rate of infections

So, there is not only evidence that vaccinations do not work, there are indications that they are counterproductive.

Tweaking the data to achieve desired results

The dramatic decrease in the rate of polio in the US, following the introduction of the Sabin oral vaccine, was achieved by dramatically re-defining what polio was.  Most cases (which previously would have been counted) were "discarded" from the records.

In South America, we see the same thing.  Officially, the rate of polio declined dramatically, while the actual incidence of polio was increasing at an alarming rate.

Vaccination and the increase of antibodies

Doctors are taught that antibodies mean protection against the disease.  But, this was never really true.  In most cases, antibodies go with a certain measure of protection — they don't mean protection; they just happen to go along with it — in the same way that most cars happen to have four wheels.  But a car is still a car, even if it only has three wheels or six wheels.

About 80-95% of the time, vaccinations result in increased antibodies.  But, look at the epidemic of AIDS.  When the AIDS epidemic started, it was clearly shown that the antibodies, instead of meaning protection, meant that you were doomed.

In light of this, people had to change their whole concept of antibodies.  They'd say, "Well, yes; antibodies don't really mean protection afterall."  Even with measles, you can be loaded with antibodies and still get the disease — even die from the disease.  You may have no antibodies and not catch the disease.  So, this concept of antibodies is wrong.  Consequently, the use of vaccines (which are designed to produce antibodies) is not based on good science.

So, what do antibodies actually mean?  Only that the body has been exposed to the germ.

Vaccination short-ciruits immunity

Now, normally, a virus enters the body through the mouth, nose, tonsils, throat, skin or mucous membranes.  These outer layers of defense are now recognized as very important for the protection of the vital organs within.  They are also crucial in the process of developing immunity to that germ.  By injecting vaccines, we are — ironically — bypassing these crucial processes, preventing immunity from even being achievable, and increasing the risk of harm.

Other serious problems with injecting vaccine into the body

Part of the problem here is that, when you inject an animal virus into the human body — bypassing its normal immune processes — you can now convert that virus, that once existed only in a monkey, and through the process of a vaccine, introduce it to an unrelated species, that is: humans.  This can be really problematic, because people would not have any protection against it.

But, when a vaccine is given, it's not only the relevant germ that is injected.  What else goes in with it?  Some very toxic substances, such as formaldehyde, mercury and aluminium.

If that wasn't scary enough, vaccines are cultured in cells from animal organs.  As a result, when a vaccine is given, foreign animal protein and genetic material are also being directly injected.  And, this can be problematic, because the human body has never encountered this before, in its entire history.

You see, when you eat protein, it is broken down into its constituent amino acids, so that what is absorbed into the body is not a foreign animal protein, at all; it is the constituents that our bodies rebuild into our own proteins.  But, if a foreign animal protein makes its way into our bloodstream, without having been broken down into amino acids, it can set up an autoimmune type response.  So, by injecting directly into the bloodstream things that were never meant to be in the bloodstream, we are not only bypassing body defenses, we are wrongly activating other body defenses.

But, vaccines introduce more than animal viruses, toxic substances and foreign animal proteins into the system; they can be contaminated with unlimited — and unknown — bits of animal, bacterial and viral DNA.  These can be incorporated into the human genome, changing the human DNA structure.  So, theoretically, humans are changed.  DNA structure is added.  Extra genes are added.

This is what we are injecting into our children 36 times before they enter school.  What will we turn into?

What have we done to ourselves?

What are the results of putting these substances into our bodies, usually by injection, and often in uncontrolled amounts?

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