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Unburdening Your Liver: An imperative for good health and longevity

A critical first step in an effective liver cleansing program

Adapted from the 3-part audiocassette lecture by D. Gary Young, "JuvaCleanse Your Liver for Better Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Health"
(Training Tapes #50, 51 & 52 © Copyright 2003 Essential Science Publishing).

The liver: key to good health or the root of all disease

You may have heard the quote by Dr. Jensen, "Death begins in the colon."  It's a valid statement, as far as it goes.  If you have a clogged and toxic colon, your health will be compromised.

However, the health of the liver is far more critical to your overall well-being than that of the colon.  Based upon Gary Young's studies of people groups known for their longevity, it's clear that a long life depends much more upon the life and health of your liver.

Why is that?

While the colon plays a key role in the digestion and absorption of the things we eat, as well as the elimination of wastes, the liver is responsible for converting those nutrients into the forms needed by the body, as well as filtering out toxins and chemically converting them so they may be eliminated safely.

The liver carries out over 5,000 such biochemical functions every day, affecting every cell in the body.  If it is not able to do that effectively, because of toxic overload, you get into serious trouble.  (See Symptoms of liver overload.)

But, the fats and bile within the liver can easily become over-saturated with oil-soluble toxins, synthetic chemicals and heavy metals.  Besides this, negative emotions or psychological trauma can change the chemistry of the liver, creating a toxic environment.  And as these toxins build up, the liver becomes overloaded and can't function properly.

It isn't hard to see that, as Gary Young asserts, the liver is at the root of every disease on earth.

Longevity and the liver

Over the years, Gary Young has traveled around the world, studying people groups known for their longevity.  Of these, three groups stand out:

As Gary interviewed these people, his team of doctors would perform simple tests of their heart and blood pressure, hearing and vision.  They found that it was common for people who were 130-140 years old to have normal blood pressure and a resting pulse rate in the 60's — the resting pulse rate of a very healthy, middle-aged person.

And, out of the hundreds of people he met in the Talish Mountains of Azerbaijan, there was only one person who wore glasses to read the newspaper.  And he was over a hundred years of age.

He never found a single person who had liver spots.  No one had complaints of urinary or digestive problems (constipation or diarrhea) or hormonal problems — all of the things we see in America, even among young adults.

Gary noted that hormonal problems among these people were difficult to evaluate, because most of them didn't want to talk about their sex life.  Only one man really expressed his feelings about it, and he was 128.  He was frustrated because his sexual activity was diminishing — and that was still four times a week.  (In validation of his claim: His wife turned very red-faced about this conversation; but she didn't contradict him.)  Gary asked this man if he thought an active sex life was important for longevity, and he said, "Absolutely!  Why do you think I'm concerned?"

He also found that women in these people groups didn't go through menopause until their 70's or 80's.  One woman was 82 when she had her last child; another was 73.  Most were still bearing children until their mid- to late-sixties.

What's the secret to their incredible longevity?

They have a life-style in which they don't overburden their livers.  Their diets are:

Another important point: They fast on a regular basis.  For some of them, it was their practice to fast for 30 days each year.  They unburdened their livers, allowing them to regenerate.

Our toxic life-style

In stark contrast to this, the American life-style is one of overloading the liver.  We eat, as Gary says, like hogs at a trough.  We eat dead, enzyme-depleted foods.  We eat processed, nutrient-deficient foods.  We eat foods that plug the liver.  We eat foods that are loaded with chemical additives, placing an even greater burden on the liver.

Add to that the burden of our chemical-laden shampoos and soaps and toothpastes, and all the poisons in our water and in the air that we breathe that attach to our skin and are absorbed through the dermal shield into our blood streams and are being deposited in our livers.

We overload our livers with our gluttony, tax our livers with the poisons in our environment, and plug them with poor life-style choices; and then we wonder why they don't function.

No wonder we can't remember where we left our car keys.

The critical need to unburden the liver

A word of caution about supplementation:

It's quite easy to overload the liver with supplements, especially drug store vitamins, but even with "natural" supplements consisting of isolated nutrients.

You can be on even a great nutrition program, but if you are overburdening the liver, you are creating a toxic environment in your body.  Once that toxic environment is created, it will affect every gland and organ in your body, from the brain to the prostate or ovaries.

So, it's critically important to pay attention to your body, to listen for its signals of overload, and to know when to back off.

It's also a good practice to rest your system every week by taking a day or two off from your nutritional program.

For our health and longevity, we really need to be serious about cleansing.  We need to learn to unburden our livers.  This is so critical.  If we do this, our livers will rejuvenate themselves.  They will return to normal function, and free us from many of the health problems plaguing us today.

To do this, the first step, of course, is to stop eating a junk diet.  We need to eat reasonable amounts of healthy foods that

We also need to be reasonable about our supplementation.  In the same way we can overload our livers with good food, we can overload them with excessive supplementation.

And don't forget the water.  Adequate water is so critical for flushing the toxins out of the body.

However, it is imperative that we drink pure water.  That means distilled (and run through a carbon filter) or reverse osmosis.  The fluoride and chlorine in our water pose serious threats to our health (including the symptoms of arthritis or Fibromyalgia), so it is critical to have some way to purify our water.

Exercise and the liver

It's important to remember that, while exercise is very important for your overall health, overdoing it places a strain on your liver and immune system.

Several recent studies have found no benefit in very strenuous exercise compared to regular moderate exercise; so take it easy on yourself. Press your limits from time-to-time, but don't make it a daily affair.

In addition to this, it's important to eliminate as much of the chemical toxicity from our environment as possible.  In doing this, we must avoid:

Even those sold in health food stores often contain toxic chemicals.

And we must not forget

Safer alternatives must be found.

And we must never forget the importance of fasting.  Once a week, do a 24-hour, noon-to-noon fast.  In addition to this, you might try longer fasts.  Gary Young and his wife Mary do a fast of 21-30 days every year, as well as several short-term fasts of a week to ten days.

The whole point of all of this is simply to unburden the liver and give it a chance to rejuvenate.

And now that we've dealt with unburdening the liver, it's time to look at how we can actively cleanse the liver.

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