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The Essential Oils Liver Cleanse Program

Rejuvenating your health by unburdening and clearing your liver

Adapted from the 3-part audiocassette lecture by D. Gary Young, "JuvaCleanse Your Liver for Better Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Health"
(Training Tapes #50, 51 & 52 © Copyright 2003 Essential Science Publishing).


Liver function is critical to your health — both physically and mentally.  It significantly impacts your well-being in terms of both the longevity and the quality of your life.

But how are we to optimize liver function?

By cleansing the liver.

Unburdening the Liver

However, to successfully cleanse the liver, we must first unburden it.  We can do this by:

The Tools for Cleansing the Liver

Once we've dealt with liver overload, we can move on to actually cleansing the liver.  For this, two of the most important — and powerful — tools available to us anywhere are:

The hepatic clearing supplement is a powerful herbal complex formulated to support the liver.  Among its ingredients, there are choline, inositol and the potent antioxidant dl-methionine, which have been studied for their ability to convert oil-soluble toxins into water-soluble compounds that may be excreted.  Methionine also helps to recycle glutathione, one of the body's most important antioxidants, and is also crucial for normal liver function.  The hepatic clearing suplement has been reformulated, and now includes L-cysteine HCl, bee propolis, sodium copper chlorophyllin and beet root, to further enhance liver function.

For the last few years, extensive research has also been done on a combination of therapeutic-grade essential oils that would facilitate liver cleansing.  These oils have been clinically tested on people who have had a lifetime of heavy toxic exposure.  Among the benefits being seen are the clearing of liver spots.  The result of his work is a new essential oil blend, the liver clearing blend.

The liver clearing blend is a blend of three essential oils:

Another important oil blend for cleansing the liver is the liver opening blend.  It's a blend of:

Why is the hepatic clearing supplement so very important?

The hepatic clearing supplement is important because, when you're doing a liver cleanse, you want to purge the gallbladder as much as the liver.  The Roman chamomile and helichrysum in the hepatic clearing supplement, along with the celery seed in the liver clearing blend, are very critical to the dilation of the bile ducts in the liver and gallbladder.

The Basic Liver Cleanse Program

Liver Cleanse Protocols:

Because of the differences between people, their specific needs and how their systems respond to supplements and oils, you will need to do some experimentation to find the liver cleanse regimen that is just right for you.

The following links will take you to examples of what some people have done.  So, give one a try, tinker with it, tweak it, and see how you do.

Now that we have our hepatic clearing supplement, liver clearing blend and liver opening blend, how are we to use them to cleanse the liver?  Here are the basics:

Linda and I took the encapsulated oils and the hepatic clearing supplement pretty much as soon as we got up in the morning, and again just before going to bed.  Some people add the hepatic clearing supplement before lunch, as well.

Monitoring your cleansing program

Just how much liver opening blend, liver clearing blend and hepatic clearing supplement should you take?

You must remember that everyone is different.  What is just right for one person might not be right for another; and what is right for you today might not be right for you a week from now.

When dealing with natural products, you must pay attention to how you feel and the tolerances of you own system, and adjust what you're doing until you find the right combination.  Experiment with it, and see what works best for you.

The point is this: There's a lot of flexibility in how you can proceed.

Just how much hepatic clearing supplement, liver opening blend and liver clearing blend should you use?  I can't say.  You need to pay attention to your body.  If you're getting too much, and overloading the liver, you'll smell it on your breath in the morning.  Just breathe into your hand and smell your breath.  If you pass out, then you know you need to cut back a little.  It's an indication that your liver is plugged and not letting things through.


Cut back to half — or even a quarter — of a capsule until your liver starts to open up and flush things through.  When you no longer smell the oils on your breath in the morning, you can increase the amount you're taking.

But bear this in mind: For this to work, you need the synergism of these oil blends with the hepatic clearing supplement.  Some people take as many as 12-16 tablets a day; but it's very important to watch for signs of overloading the liver (that breath thing again).  You may need to cut back to half a tablet or less in the beginning.

Always remember: It's entirely possible to overload the liver — even with good things.  That's counter-productive; so you'll need to keep an eye on this.

Besides the breath, four things you can watch for are:

You don't need to see all of these signs.  Any one of them is an indication that you need to back off for a few days, and let your system rest.  Just be sure to keep taking the enzymes.

A few caveats

Things that will impede your liver cleanse:

While the differences the liver cleanse made in Linda were truly amazing, a few things seem to have set her back, at least temporarily.  These include:

However, dealing with the stress, drinking more water and getting some extra sleep all seem to get her on track again.

It also seems that, given the toxic environment in which we live, that stopping the cleansing process allows the liver to plug again.  We're still working out what to do about this, but it seems that drinking the unsweetened cranberry juice might be part of answer.  Another part might be to keep taking the liver opening blend in capsules.  And, of course, the liver clearing drink and the liver clearing spice blend are helpful.

The Liver Cleanse: An on-going life-style of cleansing

Otherwise, you'd have to go out of the world.

The real point here, however, is that the liver cleanse is not something you do for a while and then stop; it involves an on-going life-style of cleansing.

It's not a question of "How long should I do a colon and liver cleanse, and how do I know when my liver and colon are clean?"  As long as we live in today's environment, we will never experience a truly clean colon or liver.  It's simply impossible to avoid toxic exposure in the world in which we live.

Even those who are very diligent about living a cleansing life-style never stop cleansing for a single day.  It's something they're always aware of.  They may vary their program from fasting to cleansing to fasting to cleansing to maintaining; but even in their maintaining, they don't put anything into their bodies that would pollute them.

However, while they don't add to the load on their livers or colons, in the sense of what they're eating and drinking, they're still subject to all the environmental things that are poisoning everyone else.  Their bodies take in those toxins, and they go right to the liver.

So it's important to make cleansing part of your everyday life.

Think about it: Your blood carries all of this debris and waste; and where does it go?  It goes into the liver — three pints of it every sixty seconds.  The blood flows in, is filtered, and flows back out.  However, if your liver is overloaded, it can't filter the blood.  The blood carries the toxins in, and then carries them right back out to circulate through your system.

That is not a recipe for health.

A life-style of cleansing: It's the only way to achieve longevity and quality of life.

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