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Ledum Essential Oil: Helpful for Obesity and Liver Toxicity

Enzymatic action digests toxins and fat cells in the liver, excels water

Key constituents:

  • Limonene [20-35%]
  • Cis- and Trans-Paramenth 1(7) 8 Diene 8-ol [12-17%]
  • Cis- and Trans-Paramenthatriene 1,3,8 [8-15%]

Ledum (Ledum groenlandicum) oil is extracted by steam distillation from the herb.  The plant origin is North America.  Commonly known as "Labrador tea", it is a strongly aromatic herb that has been used in folk medicine for centuries.

Prepared as a herb tea, and used as general tonic by the native peoples of Eastern Canada, it was also used for a variety of kidney-related problems.

Ledum was used for over 5,000 years by the native people of North America to protect themselves from scurvy, and the Cree used it for fevers and colds.

With a limonene content of 20-35%, it's a good antioxidant, but not as good as many of the other oils.  It has anti-inflammatory, anti-tumoral, anti-bacterial, diuretic and liver-protective activity.  It is also a decongestant.

Adapted from the 3-part audiocassette lecture by D. Gary Young, "JuvaCleanse Your Liver for Better Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Health"
(Training Tapes #50, 51 & 52 © Copyright 2003 Essential Science Publishing).

Clinical research suggests that ledum oil functions like an enzyme in the liver, digesting toxic waste and fat molecules in the liver.  That's why it was included in the liver clearing blend.

The liver and fat storage

The liver stores more fat cells than all the other organs of the body combined.  And, when you understand that toxic chemicals solidify in fat cells, it becomes clear that the more fat cells you have in your liver, the more toxins you're holding in your liver, as well.

There is clinical evidence that ledum oil digests those chemicals and fat cells.

Fat cells and toxins in the liver

Let's look at the process.

The liver manufactures enzymes, and the gallbladder produces bile for digestion.  The bile goes to the liver; the enzymes go to the pancreas for insulin balance and support.  But, when the fat cells in the liver are holding toxins, they are off-gassing into the liver — a very toxic gas.

Now, most red blood cells are manufactured in the liver.  But, when the liver is being poisoned with this toxic off-gassing, those newly developed red blood cells are being saturated with those toxins.  This negatively impacts every cell in the body.  Added to this, when the bile comes in from the liver, it co-mingles with the toxins that are present and creates a very toxic combustion, resulting in bloating.

That skinny fat guy:

Now, we've all seen people with their abdomens hanging out.  Some of these people are not necessarily fat.  I've had guys with big bellies come up to me and say, "Punch that!  See, I'm not fat."  And they're right; they are rock hard.

The point is: Unless the personis just plain fat, an extended abdomen indicates an extended liver; and then secondly, it is an extended colon.  The liver is where it starts, and the liver is where it has got to be cleansed.

Ledum oil can play a big role in this.

Uses for ledum oil:

Ledum oil is a great essential oil for the liver.  It is indicated for liver dysfunctions, hepatitis and cirrhosis (fatty liver).  It is also indicated for obesity and weight management, edema and water retention, laryngitis, bronchitis, allergies, influenza and thyroid regulation.

Other uses include:

It's also a key part of the liver cleanse program, and one of the oils found in the liver clearing blend and the super liver clearing blend.


Ledum oil is safe to use "neat" (dilution is not required), although some may prefer to dilute it one drop to one teaspoon of a pure vegetable oil before use.  It may also be added to food or rice milk as a dietary supplement.  It may be diffused or used in direct inhalation.  Ledum may also be applied topically, either directly on location or using the Vita-Flex Technique.

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