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InTune™ Oil Blend from dōTERRA® Essential Oils

Improves calmness, focus, and mental clarity

InTune Testimonials:

Okay, after 4 days of use, we can honestly say that this blend is FREAKIN' AWESOME!!! Daughter wakes up, groggily wipes the sleep from her eyes, stumbles out to the kitchen, where we get her some cereal. As she's eating, we put on InTune on her spine, bergamot on her feet, and Immortelle on her neck. We have STRUCK ESSENTIAL OIL GOLD! She's still bouncy. She's very much an energy-charged kid. BUT her focus is razor sharp. We ask her to do something, she does it. Before, if we asked her to do something, it was somersaults this, run around that ... now she does what we ask, and she gets to play a lot more and stays out of time out for saying "NO!" a lot. Great, great blend. Everyone should have this!   -Chris

In tune is my mind is racing a million miles per minutes and I can't stay on task long enough to do anything blend. I use it before I go to a class (school not doTerra). I have also noticed that some women crave the scent of it so there is something else the blend does too. I'm not sure if it is depression or self confidence but based on what I've seen, those would be my bets.  -Gin

We use it every day multiple times. InTune opens your mind so you can focus more and takes away the brain fog.-Kristy

I just got home from convention last night so haven't had a chance to use it on my grandson yet, but my son stopped by and I put it along his spine. He was here for over an hour, and didn't drive me up the wall at all! Believe me, that NEVER happens. You know it is pretty bad when a mother can only take her son in small doses, lol. He is 28 years old, and has never grown out of his ADHD behaviors, or even learned to cope with them and control them. My way of coping is to keep everything organized to the ultimate degree. I used the InTune blend at convention and it really helped me stay focused.   -Suzy

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InTune oil blend from doTERRA
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In Tune or the Focus Blend encompasses the cognisant, intuition, and awareness. It assists in bringing us to a fuller knowledge and understanding. It helps us stay on course and chase fewer rabbits. This blend brings a sharpening of the mind, a connection, and a healing of the spirit, soul and body. It's great to use while studying, meditating or contemplating or for anything that takes indepth mental focus. InTune is proprietary a blend of powerfully renewing, rare CPTG®, certified-pure-therapeutic-grade essential oils that have calming and mind sharpening benefits.  InTune Focus Blend is formulated to allow us to concentrate on a specific task without becoming distracted, frustrated, or upset.


Staying focused on the task at hand can be difficult at any age. And learning to focus is a critical skill that, if formed during the growing years helps provide a firm foundation for life. Many factors such as diet, sleep habits, discipline, medicine, stress, environmental influences, and relationships can also effect thhe ability to focus. Essential oils provide a way to help mitigate challenges to allow us to get things done in a timely manner. 

Primary Benefits

  • Helps restore focus and increases ability to stay on task
  • Promotes clarity of thought
  • Increases alertness and centers thought processes
  • What Makes This Product Unique?

  • High quality CPTG® Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils of amyris (West Indian Sandalwood), Patchouli, Frankincense, Lime, Ylang Ylang, Hawaiian Sandalwood, and Roman Chamomile in a proprietary blend. 
  • Amyris balsamafera (West Indian Sandalwood) has sedative and antiseptic properties. It is often used as in blends to enhance the synergy of the combined elements. 
  • Patchouli is very good for harmonizing, grounding and stabilizing the mind. Its' aphrodisiac and antidepressive qualities combine to allow for release of creative thinking and clarity. 
  • Frankincense is prized for its ability to slow and deepen breathing, and to allay fear, anxiety, nervous tension, and stress. 
  • Lime is calming and relieves stress. Its' ability to uplift and stimulate makes it perfect for brainstorming and creative thinking. Lime also reduces lethargy and helps energize our well being.
  • YlangYlang minimizes frustration, anger, and fear. It calms, uplifts, and creates a sense of serenity. Ylang ylang inspires enthusiasm, confidence, creativity, intuition, and understanding. 
  • Hawaiian Sandalwood calms frustration, aggression, and irritability (quiets the mind) which frees it up for productive creativity. It helps to release confusion, fear and nervousness to promote a good nights' sleep. 
  • Roman Chamomile inspires courage and a "Can Do" attitude.
  • Directions for Use

    Apply topically to bottoms of feet and/or the back of the neck or up and down the spine.

    Other Possible Uses (taken from Dr. Lawton seminar)

  • For kids application down the spine in the morning before school when they are getting dressed has proven to be effective in increasing attention span.
  • For teens reapply on the bottoms of their feet at lunch to support afternoon class participation on the days when they apply - they report more success in processing information.
  • Seniors have reported they feel that their ability to remember conversations and details have improved. We had them apply to back of neck and to the sternum in an upward motion each morning.
  • For autism use in the diffuser of their room, and apply on the back of the legs and to the back of the neck.
  • Use for people suffering from neurological disorders, depression, transition, holiday stress and beginning new business strategy meetings.
  • Use it for signs of dementia and nervous system challenges like strokes, Parkinson's, Tourettes, MS, and even lupus. It calms and sedates the nervous system to such a degree that it could be a huge resource for migraines and pain relief.
  • Inhaling from a zip lock bag with cotton balls inside before chemotherapy can help with the receptivity to the medication to allow it to do its' job. Relieving fear enhances oxygenation of cells. Empowering patients to stay clear about what is happening for them is very important. 
  • Cautions

    Avoid contact with the eyes, inner ears, and other sensitive areas. Dilute with fractionated coconut oil to calm skin sensitivities.


    10 ml roll-on bottle.


    These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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