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How to Get Your Downline to Do Something!

Patiently training them on all aspects of effectively working their business

Tim Sales of Billiant Exchange

Tim Sales of Brilliant Exchange

Adapted from a Tim Sales Newsletter.
Used by permission.

I was recently asked me this question:

Tim, I just don't get it!  I'm with a great company with incredible products.  I've sponsored 6 people, and they just don't do anything!  What do you suggest?

This is a great question.  I can feel the frustration.

In the beginning, all you want to do is sponsor someone — anyone!  You work really hard to learn to be effective in your communication and, finally, someone says, "Yes".  That's great; but, in MLM, this is actually where the work begins.  In most other professions, the hardest part is just getting someone to buy or to sign the contract.  Not so in MLM.

Success comes from patiently training your downline

To get your newly sponsored people to work the business, it takes patience and determination.  If you've listened closely to Brilliant Compensation, you'll hear me state,

"Wealth comes to those patient enough to train others".

I remember very well, as I was writing that statement, trying several other words in the phrase, like "willing to train others", "disciplined to train others", "efficient enough to train others".  None of them really fit what I was trying to communicate.  Then, around that time, I received a phone call from a downline member, and he asked me a question — one that I had answered for him many times before.  But, I answered him like it was the first time I had ever given the answer; and, he heard it like it was the first time, too.

After getting off the phone, it hit me that "patience" — above all else — is what it takes to effectively train someone.  I remember that, when I was house training my new puppy, I had to remember that it's patience — above all else — again!  Being frustrated at the puppy accomplishes absolutely nothing.  Patience is the answer.

Training done the right way

However, to correctly train someone, you have to train him on the right things, and in the right sequence.  Sequence, of course, is the order in which you train him on specific parts.  Skipping parts of the training with the new person you sponsor will affect your entire organization.

As I've mentioned before, you have to have a plan — but, you also have to have a game plan for the people you sponsor.  That's why I stress using the Pocket Tracker.  It lists each item your downline needs to be able to do — and, in the correct sequence.  Here's the list of each item:

  1. Goals,
  2. Self Training,
  3. Promotion,
  4. Dial the phone,
  5. Connect with a prospect,
  6. Set an appointment,
  7. Do a presentation,
  8. Get a customer,
  9. Get a distributor,
  10. Train a distributor.

What do you train a distributor to do?  Start at #1.

Preparing yourself to be an effective trainer

Hopefully, you can immediately see that if you don't do or can't do any of those items, you will fail at training your down line to do them!  You have to learn how to do these things.  So, the first person you must learn to have patience with is you :)

Using the right amount of assertiveness

The other thing that is important is using the right amount of assertiveness (one of the Communication Qualities in Professional Inviter).  It is very important when prospecting … and, it's equally important when training your downline.  The moment your downline feels you are frustrated with them, they will back away from you, and will no longer tell you what they can't do.

Using the Pocket Tracker to chart what your downline can't do

If the people in your downline don't seem to be doing anything, you really need to keep in mind that the people you sponsored came into the business to change something about their lives.  So, if they're not doing the business, I'd bet my own paycheck that it's because there's something they can't do; even if they tell you now that they just don't want to do the business anymore.  Just prior to that decision, I'd bet that there was something they didn't know how to do, and they got the idea that they couldn't learn it.

So, from the moment they sign up, you have to be watching over them, to pick up the moment doubt begins to enter their mind.  You must fix this immediately, before they get the next thought: "I can't learn it" … which leads to "I don't want to do it".  By the way, when someone is not doing it, they may have already gotten the thought that they can't do it.

The way you find out what they can't do is to hand them Pocket Tracker (send it to them, if long distance) and start at item one: ensure that they can and have written their goals.  Then, move to item two, and ensure that they know what they need to be Self Training themselves on.  Then, move to item three and make sure they have people to promote to (warm market, leads, ads, etc.).  Then, make sure they can (and do) dial the phone.  The CD that comes with Pocket Tracker explains each item in detail.

So, you have to be patient enough to walk them through each step of the Pocket Tracker, using the right amount of assertiveness, and ensuring that they are progressing through it and can do each item.  Otherwise, you'll have to be training everyone in their downline!

I hope this helps,

Tim Sales


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About the author:
Tim Sales helps network marketers gain the skills necessary to be successful in MLM.  His MLM training is based on his personal success of building a downline of 56,000 people.  Instantly access Tim's free MLM training and learn the steps to achieve MLM success at


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